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Kiss Your Boring Bathroom Goodbye

Kiss Your Boring Bathroom Goodbye

Let’s face it: everyone poops. 

No matter who you are, chances are you’ve found yourself unexpectedly trapped in a bathroom that wasn’t your own. Sometimes it isn’t so bad — perhaps they have softer toilet paper than the stuff you usually grab from the drugstore on your way home. Maybe there’s even some decent lighting for an impromptu mirror selfie (felt cute, might delete later). If you’re really lucky, there’s plenty of wiggle room for your knees and you’re not face-to-face with a gritty, splattered-with-God-knows-what wall.

I hope that all of your past bathroom adventures have been blissful experiences — but if you told me that, you’d probably be lying.

The truth is that we’ve all been in bathrooms that are offensively disgusting. Perhaps the only thing more unsettling than a grody bathroom is a completely uninteresting one.

Since we all have to spend our fair share of time in bathrooms, why not mix it up a bit? The best bathrooms include elements of playfulness and the unexpected (and not just the “what-did-I-just-sit-in?!” kind) to help guests embrace the weird of using someone else’s home to relieve themselves. It’s a vulnerable moment. So why not help them out a bit? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite fun and funky bathroom decorations to help ease your guests’ bathroom anxieties.

Get that s#!t out and seize the f—ing day!

Name ONE THING that’s more bathroom appropriate than butts

I’ll wait.

That is all.

What does it mean? Who knows!

Would I put it in my bathroom anyways?

Art geeks will love it. Others will think it’s a joke about steam. Neither is wrong.

Can we just #freethenipple already? This bath mat thinks so.

Most will wish they had seen this at any given house party in college…

…And the rest will be glad they never saw this one.

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