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Function Meets Style // Our IKEA Haul

Function Meets Style // Our IKEA Haul

To say that I was excited for my first trip to IKEA might be the understatement of the year. 

After a few days of unpacking, rearranging and organizing, we had gotten as far as we could with what we already had on deck. With a lot of key pieces still missing, I couldn't help but feel like we were in limbo with the move. Even so, I was surprised when Jack proposed the trip. I had been dying to go to IKEA for years, but we had never lived close enough to make a feasible trip. Now, there were only 30 minutes between us and the notoriously affordable interiors store of my dreams. 

I made a list of purely functional pieces we could use around the house; I had decided to wait on anything decorative for the sake of our budget. We set aside $200 for the trip, but ended up coming in about $30 under.

A few insights before I get into the haul...

  • Sign up for an IKEA Family membership. It's free and I received an email coupon for $25 off a $150 purchase and a BOGO meatball offer. Plus, you get free coffee anytime! 
  • Measure beforehand, especially if you are buying anything that needs to fit in a specific spot, and bring the measuring tape with you just in case. 
  • IKEA is HUGE. Wear comfy shoes because you're going to walk a lot
  • The parking lot is labeled by section (like an amusement park). REMEMBER YOUR SECTION! 
  • Make sure to grab one of the slips at the entrance so you can write down the product info of the items you want, that way you can locate them in the warehouse at the end of your trip. You can also take a pic with your phone, but we realized some of the images we took were missing important info and had to backtrack at the end. 
  • Grab a shopping bag! You never know how many little items you might pick up along the way.
  • If you're unsure about an item, just remember you can always end up ordering it online. It's better to wait than to get something that won't work for your space and have to return it. 

*Please note: All of the images below are from IKEA's website and are not of our apartment! Stay tuned to see what we did with the pieces in our own space. 



FJÄLLBO Shelf Unit- $70

Though we have way more counter space in our kitchen here, the surface wasn’t quite deep enough to support our toaster oven. Plus, I didn’t want to clutter up our only prep space with appliances. This shelf was the perfect fit for the only extra space we have in the kitchen and works great for our toaster oven, microwave, and extra storage.   

KUNGSFORS Wall Organization - $20 total

I have always loved the look of open storage in kitchens and was stoked that we finally had the wall space to make it happen. Our kitchen has only ONE drawer, and it isn’t even wide enough to fit a utensil tray. We opted for two 22” rails ($4 each) and three packs of hooks ($2 for a pack of five) to hang cooking utensils. We also snagged the hanging container ($10) for eating utensils. When hung side by side, the two rails fit perfectly above our counter and make reaching for the right tool during cooking a breeze.


MOSSLANDA Ledge - $13

OK, so this is actually a picture ledge. I had wanted to get something like this to hang for our art prints, but while picking it out we realized it would be perfect for spices. It fits right above the rails and, I kid you not, each and every one of our spices fit perfectly – there wasn’t a single container that was left off. Kismet! 


RÅSKOG Utility Cart - $30

I was determined to leave IKEA with a utility cart before I even stepped foot into the store. I had been lusting after bar carts for ages and I was sure that I could find a use for one somewhere in the house. It proved to be the perfect home for our coffeemaker, several mugs and my sprawling collection of teas. Plus, what’s not to love about furniture on wheels? Hands down, one of my favorite IKEA pick-ups.


TÄRENDÖ Table - $39

Alright, so this was a seriously cheap buy that we weren't even expecting to make. We needed a dining table and since we had both got rid of our desks when we left Nashville, we also needed something that could double as a workspace. At only $39, this piece was a no-brainer. For the price, it’s actually decently sturdy. We currently rotate between two simple folding chairs and our personal desk chairs, but plan to get four matching dining chairs when our budget allows in the future.


And finally...


Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.25.05 PM.png

OK, so the meatballs were the slightest bit underwhelming when it came to the flavor. But after being completely worn out after about five hours of shopping, it was nice to sit down to a warm (and free) meal.

Between the endless fun product names and room after room of design inspo, the trip was easily as fun and date-worthy as it was productive.  Overall, the experience I had at IKEA was pretty much everything I'd hoped it would be, and I'll definitely be back for some finishing touches.

Check back this Friday to see how we've transformed our space!

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