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But First, Introductions.

But First, Introductions.

Given the existence of this blog, it could probably go without saying that I believe the items you choose to surround yourself with are a reflection of you and your experiences. With that in mind, I figured the best way to introduce myself would be to share some of the items I've picked up over the years that make my home my personal happy place.  


Ceramic Black Panther  Found at an antique mall in Frederick, Maryland. Panthers ooze confidence, a trait that isn't always easy for me to tap into. I like to place this bad mama in a spot where I know she'll be easily visible in moments I need a quick mental boost.


Face Mug  Confession: I seem to find eyes, noses and mouths in nearly everything – from the grain in wood floors to wrinkled blankets. I found this little mug while rummaging through my grandparents’ garage one summer and fell completely in love with the color and novelty of it. It adds funky personality to any space.


Pin-Up Girl Ashtray  This ashtray was found at the same antique mall as the panther. I had never seen anything like it and instantly knew it would be coming home with me. As much as I tried to prevent any damage, it took some hits after a night out or two. Fruitless eBay searches to find something similar ended with me snagging some Gorilla Glue and piecing it back together. One of my favorite finds, cracks and all. 


Mid Century Swivel Office Chair  I have a serious obsession with chairs. If my boyfriend wouldn’t have me committed for it, my home would be house an eclectic collection of chairs. For practicality’s sake, I’ve refrained. But when it came to picking out a desk chair, I couldn’t help but go all-out. I came across this gem on Craigslist and it was worth the $40.

Nearly all of my favorite items were found secondhand, and I love breathing new life into things that were once discarded. No matter if you like things new or old, make sure to fill your home with things that make you smile a little on the inside.

- K. 

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